The Waterloo DSC wants the field of data science to be more accessible to even more students on campus. We’re a group of students passionate about data science, providing mutual support to other students on campus.



The Waterloo DSC aims to provide more accessible education in the data science field/industry to students on campus. We aim to build a supportive and helpful community for students at Waterloo of all skill levels interested in data science. We help students pursuing co-ops and careers in the data science industry by hosting open events focused on building key skills for success in the industry, such as cracking the interview, learning SQL, working on datasets, etc.

Who are we?

A community for those who want to learn and talk about data science at Waterloo. We host events and provide content related to data science, machine learning, and career advice every term. We make education in data science more accessible for students, and anyone can join!

What do we do?

We host a variety of events ranging from workshops, guest lectures, reading groups, conferences, datathons to social events to achieve our goals and help students.

How have we made impact?

Last Fall, our Dataverse keynote event successfully hosted 85 students, providing 127 students with networking opportunities and a chance to showcase their data analysis skills with monetary awards! Students also had the opportunity to learn more about the industry - with Databricks and Loblaws sponsoring the event! Moreover, we host a wide variety of events throughout each term focused on helping students learn more about Data Science and succeed in the industry.